Saturday, May 30, 2020

When Life Takes a Pause Moment

Pause Points": A clip from Sara Sherr's (Online) Classroom - Teach ...I actually started this post in March and forgot to post, some things have been changed, but really the heart of things is still where I'm at.

I've been sitting here pondering a lot of things over the last couple months... hasn't everybody?

Decisions I've made, if I had known 4 months ago what was going to happen, would I have made the same choices about things. Maybe I would have, and maybe I wouldn't. It's hard to look back and guess. The reality, we only can make decisions on what we know, right now.

Right now, we can chose to cower, and live in fear. Or we can chose to trust God, and walk in faith, using wisdom in the days ahead. This has meant, stepping back in our life and doing our part to flatten the curve. This required what we thought would be a 2 week hold on our lives becoming 2 months before we could even begin to get back to 'normal life.' 

I was among the unemployed due to the virus and it's restrictions and my little home based business works about 90% with restaurants so it went almost silent also. I was lucky, I was able to get unemployment, but I will be honest, I am very happy to be back at work, even though it is very different.

We all faced a lot of time on our hands, separation from those we care about, and loneliness, especially, for those, that like me, are in a house with no other human beings to talk to, it has been incredibly hard. And for me, the anniversary of Glenn's passing really amplified the quiet of my house. It physically hurt, I'm not gonna lie. All people need the human touch, that's the way God designed us. 

I am thankful that we are blessed by the fact that we live in a day and age where this kind of thing doesn't have to leave us totally cut off though, we can chat with friends, by phone, texting, messaging or one of many forms of video chatting. And though I haven't been able to sit on a pew since March, through livestream I have been able to join with others in watching services, prayer meetings and worship times online, these all bring joy to my heart.

One perspective of this event is to look at this time as a pause, one that allows us to look around and count our blessings. It has given us time to read or listen to the Bible, and spend some time in prayer. We can join worship services electronically, listen and/or watch preaching, live and recorded via the internet. Using this time to grow closer to God. Maybe this virus is really the Lord slowing us down to get that 20/20 vision in our life, and for our life. I am believing that I will come out of this stronger in my walk with Him.

My heart for each of you today, take a moment, and goodness knows even as thing begin to "reopen" for many, there are lots of "moments" available, so use them to rest in the Lord, and if you don't know the Lord, grab a Bible and start with the New Testament, Psalms or Proverbs and start learning about Him. If you don't own one go to and you can read it online or listen to it, there are a lot of versions, my favorite is NKJV.  Of course you can also ask me about Him or another person you know that has a relationship with the Lord-- most of us are more than happy to share the Good News of Jesus and what He did for us.

A final note here: In January I laid out some goals for myself that I posted in that blog... and I am happy to say that honestly, I am on track, not at the level I want to be, but much further in them than I might have been, had not the pruning of all of life's extra curricular activities happened- so in that case, maybe it was a good thing.

This thing's not easy, and I want to whine as much as the next person, and I have done my share of griping, but I began to consciously try to take those moments and refocus to prayer instead of complaint.- I still have a ways to go here.

I pray we all adjust to the "new" normal with hearts and ears that are ready to hear what the Lord speaks.

Have an amazing day and a Blessed week!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

2020 Vision

2020 Vision

It's so hard to believe that the year 2020 has arrived. The new year always brings with it the thoughts of what is ahead. Goals are set, resolutions will be made, and broken, lol. Seriously only 25% of people will still be on track with their resolutions after 30 days, and only 8% will actually stick to them. Ouch!

As I look back at 2019, I'm not disappointed, I made some positive adjustments in my life, though no where near what I wanted... A friend once told me, shoot for the stars, if you only hit the moon you still have gone forward. – to a point, he was right.

Going into 2020 I am NOT setting resolutions, I am setting goals, goals are realistic and incremental. I am desiring to change my vision... not my eyesight, but rather my vision of my life's path. I want to move forward in the vision that God has called me to live, I want His vision for my life to become more clear to me.

This is something that will require much more than making a resolution, it means taking forward steps toward the goal. In doing this, I must remember those incremental steps that will add up to the desired result, a life submitted to the Lord, following His will for my life, not my own.

The amazing thing is that this is something that anyone can do, the trick is, it takes the decision to do the steps, and they aren't hard to do, but yet I have found myself choosing the easier path of not doing them diligently in the past. – However, I have a deep stirring in my soul to press forward in a new way this year. I really want that 20-20 vision!!

The steps I know to make at this time: (You can too, if you choose.)
  • More time in prayer – this can start with increasing by a little a day, or just starting, 5 minutes increase is still increase, and as time goes on, add more. If I do just 5 minutes more a day, that's 35 minutes a week, and that nets over 30 more hours a year, minimum. That's a lot more time in the Lord's presence!!
  • More time in His word. Same principle as above.
  • Studying the word with more purpose.
  • Journaling more, my prayers, hopes and visions. Writing these things down allows for focus, and also allows for reflection as time passes.
  • Being active in the house of the Lord. – A plant grows better when it is planted. I know, that in my life, the extended family I have acquired in the house of the Lord had been irreplaceable.

Yes, I want 2020 vision for my life, His perfect vision. Will I walk 100% in God's will this year? Of course I'd like to think so, but I know me, and the battle I have with my will. So, what I will do, is press in and press forward, I will take any forward progress I can make.

I am excited for the year ahead, a new decade, new beginnings!!

My heart for all of you is the same, new beginnings, just start where you are and take it a step at a time.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Searching for the Perfect Tree

It's that time of year, the time when we set out to find the 'Perfect Tree.

For some that means a trip to the woods, always fun and quite the adventure, memories of doing this with my own family over the years, sometime with snow, and sometimes without... they always make me smile.

  Or maybe it's heading to a department store to find the right size, color of lights, price and style of artificial tree. (When we bought an artificial tree there was a debate... colored or white lights, lol.)

Whether you choose a natural tree or an artificial tree, you want it special, because... well let's face it, the tree, and all that goes with it, on it and around it, is a huge part of this season.

Sometimes it's fun to decorate a tree in the yard too... I know I love to see the lights on people's trees, and house's, during this time of year, they always bring a smile to my face. As a matter of fact, they bring the memory of a 2 year old child in a car seat constantly, and delightedly saying, "Oh, Pretty!!!!" as we went light looking many years ago.

But I was struck recently with a thought of a different tree... A 'tree' that was the most perfect tree. It was not perfect because of it's shape, size or decoration, it was/is perfect because of what it represents, the completed work of the greatest Christmas gift ever given.

The Gift of course, is the reason we celebrate this season, the gift was a tiny child born on dark night so many years ago. A child that was born for one reason. He would grow up to be Savior of the world for all who choose to call on Him. JESUS. And the tree I speak of, the cross that bore His body through the crucifixion, the ultimate sacrifice, His life for ours.

From my heart to yours this season: Merry CHRISTmas!!! Remember the Reason for the Season!