Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ya Just Never Know --

Psa 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

I find it ironic, that in those moments that I think, "Oh a chance for a breather," that things get crazy. LOL, not a bad crazy just the right amount to keep the thoughts of the enemy at bay.

The week started normal enough, Monday was chemo and I went and had coffee with a friend during the first part of it-- Glenn's Benadryl nap, that is the first 2 hours of chemo after they have given him the Benadryl in his IV- he conks for 2 hours. This is the time I take care of errands that need to be done or sometimes I get a chance to meet with a friend for coffee... Something which I enjoy when it occurs.

Monday evening the week began to take a shift, the Lord was doing something... He was giving us an opportunity to be an answer to the need in someone else's life. We said yes... of course when you say yes to the Lord, sometimes it comes with challenges, well it did, it meant I would have to kick things to high gear and get most of the rest of our stuff from the old place-- Yeah I now have a bunch more boxes to deal with to find my new home again, lol. This has kept me busy this week. On top of this, it was still chemo week and disconnect on Wednesday. 

Tuesday was our WOW meeting at church (that's our women's ministry) and it was good, I always enjoy the fellowship and teaching at these meetings, glad I was reminded by someone, I almost spaced!

Wednesday had some bumpy spots; Glenn's tumor marker has increased some and the enemy tried to use that to really tweak both our heads. I was upset for a while but then I reeled it back in an remembered that God is in charge of this, we are standing on His word... so numbers are just that, numbers. Do we want to see them go back down, absolutely!! However, we know that God is our source.  Glenn began teaching a class last Sunday on Biblical Healing, so what did we expect- things to go unchallenged? 

The moving, and preparations at the old place have begun, this is new territory, Amber has been amazing through this, saying yes to sharing her space, as it's been that for 3 months now.  On top of this, is of course, the everyday work that I need to do with business and home-- it's all good though, the busyness is a great way to not have time to let fear creep in... I am thankful that God's timing is perfect!

I have learned over the years that it is best to release, and trust God. Daily choosing to follow the path that He has set before me... do I rabbit trail sometimes... sadly yes, but less than I did, and God is faithful to nudge me back when I do so that I always get back to His way and not mine.

My hearts cry- Lord I want to follow hard after You, following the path that you lead me on, trusting that You are there with me and have a  goal and purpose for everything that may come up.

So remember, things may come up that seem like road blocks- but maybe, they are just speed bumps that are slowing you down enough, to do something that the Lord is wanting you to do. Ya just never know......

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Months and We're Looking Forward to the Spring

Ecc 3:1 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:

I Love this opening verse to the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes-- it's not always viewed as the perkiest of chapters but it keeps us grounded if we remember that 1st verse.

A Season, that's our take on what we are walking through at the moment, it's a spiritual season and we believe that it will have a completion that will be evident in Glenn receiving the fullness of healing in his body. Until then we will watch the natural seasons pass and plan for the future.

And that is the thought-line I find myself in today... planning. 

Glenn and I had to go to Lowe's the other day to pick up a closet system, the 'not so well done one' that was in place when we bought our new home decided to commit hari-kari upon itself and collapse. Glenn said I hung up 1 to many shirts- whatever! LOL (Thanks again to Ted Bettis for coming over to install it for us!!) 

As I said, we were at Lowes and we began to wander a bit and look around and since we are moving into spring they have seeds and containers beginning to come out. These caught our eye since we have been making the move toward diet change. Now that Glenn has regained his weight, it is time to adjust... him to good food for the obvious reason and me to get healthier and lose some weight in that process.

We have decided that our deck lends itself perfectly to container gardening, and with that thought and the whole healthy eating thing, I have gone down the "rabbit hole" a.k.a. joined Pinterest. I am finding wonderful ideas and am even getting excited about trying them. This includes the container garden ideas, but even more amazingly to those who know me best... cooking ideas! Who in the world would ever think that I would be considering making something like mashed cauliflower, Glenn might do it, but me... lol.

As I collect all the gardening ideas and we get further into the time of year for applying them, we'll sit down together and plan exactly what we are going to do. Something that is important here... we are planning. Yesterday marked the 10 month point since Glenn's diagnosis and this is something that one of the P.A.'s said, and all the Dr's and nurses agree whole hartedly; planning for the future and setting goals is a very important part of the health fight. We have seen this already. Goals give one more reason to press forward, especially on the tough days. Remember, this doesn't just apply when you are facing a crisis, it's a good way to walk- enjoy each day for the gift it is, appreciate it, live it to the fullest-- but also, look forward to upcoming adventures from the simple things, like an upcoming movie date with friends, a park day with the kids to the big things like a special vacation or a child's birthday.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed with the present, try to press through... look to the goals and the next season to come but don't forget to enjoy the one you are in. It may be cold out and the warmth of spring sounds delightful, but take a moment, look around- especially on a day like this: the sky is blue, the clarity of the sunshine amazing and the snow in the hills... what a picture, make a memory and all the way remember the first words of Ecclesiastes 3 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: