Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Day of Thoughts...

Valentines, yes we all know what that is... lol... love.

I sit here thinking back 33 years, it was about 6 p.m. I think, and my phone rang... that was back in the days of landlines and cords, and rings, not music announcing a call. Oh, back to the memory, it was Glenn, he had just gotten off of work and wanted to know if I was going to be home, I said that I was. He then asked if he could come over, I said yes. 

I wasn't necessarily expecting him to call, we had been dating off and on for a while, but nothing specific. So when he called I was happy, made a mad dash to the store for some sort of Valentine and figured he'd get there and we'd go do something... well I was unprepared for what happened, lol. When he arrived, he had a bouquet of flowers for me, and in them was a card that asked a seemingly simple question, "Will you be my steady Valentine?" 

Well you know what I said? Nothing... then I said, "I'll be right back." LOL... I look back- what a dork I was! (still am?) Well I went to the other room and shoved the card at my mom, somewhat in shock. Then in a brilliant moment <NOT> I said, can I answer later? He being the patient guy he is and has always been, said "Yes," don't think he thought it would take me a month to answer, but at least I said yes eventually. 

I think the card I gave him that night was a warning to him what he was getting into, I can't remember what it said but I remember this... it was a puzzle that had to be put together to read.

Then in December of 1981 we made that "steady" really permanent. We were young, in love and happy to be wed. 

This evening Glenn looked at me and told me he loved me, this isn't unusual, it's been a steady part of our relationship since very early, we remember to say, I Love You on a regular basis. It's what he said after that touched me. 

Here he is, 11 months (today) in this battle against cancer, and he looks at me and says, "I'm sorry for putting you through this." I walked over to him and curled up next to him and reminded him, that I agreed to it a long time ago on a December day... 

Very few people speak their vows on their wedding day and really think about the depth of them-- Yeah you think of better or worse; cuz you know their will be up and downs. You realize the part of for richer or poorer... not to many of us never have any financial stresses. But somehow, the one, "in sickness and in health," well you just don't think about. It, however, is another part of those vows-- and it, is when you really understand what it is to love and care about someone else.

I can wish I could wave  a magic want and 'boom!" cancer would be gone... but I can't. But what I can do is show my husband how much I love him by standing shoulder to shoulder with him in this fight. I will do my best to be what I am called to be- his helpmate suitable. I pray with him, and for him, I stand firm on the promises of the Lord, and I look forward to future Valentine's Days where we celebrate the day he asked me, to become we.

Today ,we enjoyed a lunch at Angelos and talked of that day so long ago... you know, I really am glad I said yes. He's an amazing husband, and man of God. To say that I love him, well that is an understatement; but I don't know how else to say the depth of my feelings for the incredible gift that God gave me when he brought Glenn into my life.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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