Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amazing August

Col 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.

Learning to fully lean on the Lord is an amazing thing... we always want to be in control, but when we learn to release it to Him we begin to really understand that He is Faithful and we never had control to begin with.

August really was an amazing month, as I said the month of July held a key turning point in this battle. It was at the darkest hour that the Lord flipped a switch and the fog began clearing. Getting Glenn's nutrition back on track was crucial. If he wasn't eating then his body had nothing to draw on for the physical part of the battle. I give thanks to the Lord for the clarity, vision and plan that we began to implement during that month.

As I mentioned, we created a spreadsheet and tracked everything he took in, when he reached a steady 2000 plus, calorie intake, I quit tracking things like Gatorade and 2am PB and cracker snacks. He was gaining weight steadily now, and with it, he was gaining energy. We began taking walks, and he began doing light exercises to regain the lost muscle. (One of the Physician Assistants had told him that he more than likely wouldn't be able to gain much weight back and probably never regain muscle.) I am so glad that our faith is in the Lord, the doctors do what they can, with the knowledge they have... and we are thankful for that. But what we know, is that our Lord is the Great Physician, and He knows far more!! So our minds were continuing trusting in the Promise and aiming for the goal.

Goals, that is something that we were told are good to have, even from the natural standpoint. Well our first immediate goal was Glenn's birthday... Aug 24th. I don't know what kind of odds the medical community would have given him of reaching it back in June, but now the doctors were certain he would make it, no problem, and the next CT scan was set for a couple weeks after. It's nice to know that they are seeing what the Lord is doing. Glenn made his birthday, and his health continued to improve through out the month. He was also feeling good enough that he was able to play bass on one of the Wed services at church in August.

We both really saw in July, it is important that periodically, we find a way to get away, to get a break from the house and a change of scenery.  It helps to refresh us, and help fight becoming stir crazy... so we booked a delayed birthday trip. We were celebrating both our birthdays because my birthday falls about a week before Glenn's. We decided to head to the coast.

We both love the coast and Glenn's folks were camping over near Gold Beach and spending the days at a park that we really enjoy over there, Arizona Beach. Mind you, I love the Oregon Coast but I hate the canyon on 199 that you go through to get there, a steep cliff to the river on one side of the road and a mountain wall on the other side. However, since we had another victory in August, and Glenn had begun driving again. (Not very much but sometimes, something he hadn't done since March.) He was able to drive from the tunnel all the rest of the way to the beach. Yeah, I didn't have too!! 
We spent the day hanging out with them and Glenn's sister, and some of the cousins--we just chilled. I took my camera and spent some time snapping pix,  We had booked a room in the older part of a hotel and it turned out to be perfect for us. It was a corner room and we could see AND hear the ocean, so we opened our windows a bit and enjoyed the air and the sounds of the ocean. The next day we found a little restaurant to have breakfast at... turns out we used to square dance with the owners, lol. Then we began our wandering trip home, stopping along the way to look at the beaches, take some pictures and we even went to the Aquarium in Crescent City before heading back inland.

During the month of August we saw the cancer numbers continue to drop, and by the end of the month we were looking at only 2 above "normal"- and one was within a gnat's breath of it. The other had dropped from a high of 1027 down to under 300! We were happy, Glenn was feeling good, the next CT was set for Sept 10th. We were anticipating the goals ahead. Those immediate goals, by dates, were 1st- the CT to reflect what we were seeing. 2nd- Glenn was going to be speaking at church on a Wednesday night, and 3rd- He was set to play bass again. There was one more but it was more of a Sept-Oct thing not goal... we have another grandbaby set to arrive... in her own timing.

Yes, August was amazing, thanks be to the Lord on High!! Through this journey that we are on, we have learned better how to rest in His peace... it is always a learning process. We have a greater appreciation of the Lord, of life, and I think of each other; for this I am glad. No, I'm not glad that it's coming this way, but I hold to the promise of God and the scripture in Romans that tells us: "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." (Rom 8:28 NKJV).

Here are a few more of the pics from the trip......
Dad and Mom
Debbie and Russ
Arizona Beach locals

Sunset from the hotel beach

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