Wednesday, December 26, 2012

31 years....... is that all?

31 years ago, yep, it was Dec 27th 1981 that I married my best friend...

I was just thinking back over the last 3 decades... I am very blessed! We have been walking with the Lord for 30+ years of our 31 together, my family and friends are amazing... yes I am blessed.

Have the last 3+ decades been easy... no, lol. We like most everyone have had our ups and downs over the years, but have I ever regretted the decision I made on July 10, 1981 when I accepted Glenn's proposal? Absolutely not.

We have run the gambit on our adventures... maybe not so adventurous to some, but they are our life and experiences together. Once we made it through the first year, I think we both knew that we could get through anything together.

There were those that thought that this 'Pollyanna' from 'Leave it to Beaver' land was a complete misfit in a relationship with a long haired rock and roll drummer. I was a conservative kid from a conservative traditional 1950's style family (mom home, dad working and both involved in the community). Then there was Glenn, a musician (drummer no less), a wild child (who had gotten busted with my brother at a DeMolay campout for alcohol)... basically as Rush Limbaugh would have dubbed him "a pot smoking hippie" type. Fortunately my parents took the time to get to know this skinny kid that kept showing up at their door almost every day, and they trusted my judgement. My brother wasn't so sure he wanted me dating this guy, after all he knew him better than I did at that point... and since Brad had gotten saved, he didn't want 'that' kind of influence around his sister. But, he kept his mouth shut. My parents watched carefully how we acted around each other, and more importantly how Glenn treated me, and they knew from his actions how he felt. They were so sure that they delayed a big decision in their own lives until after Glenn and I were married, because it was to involve a move and they didn't want to do that to me at that point. I am forever grateful to them. It isn't until we have children of our own that we really understand what it is to sacrifice.

We have been blessed with 4 amazing kids... perfect, lol- no, but amazing, yes. Over the years they have brought us joy, smiles, laughter, pride of their accomplishments... all mixed with a bit of frustrations, angry moments, and those times that it took all not to wring their darling necks. But I look at them now, and I can say that I am very proud of the adults they have become, they all love the Lord and are serving Him. They have honestly made me look at them and think- yeah, it was all worth it, no matter how hard it got. I am thankful everyday that the Lord trusted us to raise them, children really are a gift and a responsibility- they are a challenge, but if you rise to meet it, discipline with love and consistency, raise them in the house of the Lord, and live what you speak... it is worth it all!  I have snippet memories of conversations with each of my children from over the years that I believe will always stay with me, I cherish them in my heart!

Over the years of our marriage, we have traveled some... not as extensively as some but we have had the opportunity to go to New York (my first plane ride, lol), Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, 2 cruises to Mexico, Disneyland with kids twice, quite a few trips to Las Vegas and many getaways to the Reno/Tahoe area (only one of our favorite places in the world), plus lots of trips to Washington, camping with the family in various places and then we've both been to Alaska at separate times- the plan at this time is that we go up there together in June for the arrival of the next grandbaby. And then next fall another trip to San Antonio since Jacob is planning on following Jeremy into the Air Force and we will want to be there for BMT Graduation.

Like so many we faced the typical challenges of life, the ups and downs in the family income, moving, job changes, family things (including the loss of my mom)...  but all that was nothing to what 2012 brought. The last year has probably been more challenging than any of our marriage, but through it, we have grown closer in our walk with the Lord and in our life with each other. We appreciate each day in a way like never before, and we appreciate each other more... I am so thankful for the gift that the Lord gave me when He brought Glenn into my life.

Who we are is the sum of our life experiences, and most of the time, I'm good with that... are there some things I wish I'd done different? Yes don't we all? What I can say is that through it all, we have done our best, with the Lord's help to live up to the vows we took 31 years ago tomorrow. 

To each one that reads this, cherish your spouse, your children, your friends, and if He isn't already a part of your life... add God into the picture, trust me, giving your life to Him is the best decision you could ever make. With out Him, I know my life would have a very different look to it at this point.  Make the most of your life and don't ever waste precious time on regrets.

Have a wonderful rest of 2012 and a very blessed 2013!

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